A Village of 1mPerfect Moms

It takes a village to raise a child but what about the village to support a mom?

Motherhood is already one of the hardest jobs in the world.

It's harder when it's your first.

It's harder when you have multiples.

It's harder when you have special circumstances or needs.

It's harder when you've been diagnosed with postpartum depression/anxiety.

It's harder when you have no one. 

At 1mPerfect Mom, we believe that support systems are everything. Our founder, Brittni, was recently featured on Black Rawk Nation's: Wow Me Wednesday segment. In that segment, she shared the importance of having a support system during your pregnancy, postpartum, and just through your motherhood journey. When we think of support systems, we automatically think of the people closest to us.

But, what if the people closest to us just don't understand? 

The reality is, not everyone is meant to, and that's okay. 1mPerfect Mom was created because Brittni wanted something she didn't have. A space to talk about her feelings, emotions, and hormones through postpartum depression/anxiety. A place to embrace her imperfections. The more she thought about it, the more she knew there was a need, specifically for her group of mom friends. 

The 1mPerfect Mommies section will be a place for all of our new mom friends. Each post will feature and embrace an 1mPerfect Mom's journey through a variety of scenarios, whether it be through postpartum depression, miscarriage(s), raising child with a disabilities, etc. When our beautiful and talented digital designer Reyna Noriega recreated our logo and illustrations, the picture below was so meaningful that it was a must to feature. She helped us embody the warmth and energy having a village makes you feel.  

At 1mPerfect Mom, we hope that we are able to empower you to create the right village for you. Make sure to come back next week as we feature our very first 1mPerfect Mom feature.


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