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Did you know that postpartum depression can last up to your child’s first birthday? 

Did you know many moms don’t seek help because they think it’ll just go away? 

Finding a therapist postpartum was really important for me. A year before I got pregnant, I was already seeing a therapist for depression and anxiety. My reason for going to a therapist, at the time, was because I wanted to better myself and mind before becoming a wife and starting a family. In my mind, I would've been going to therapy for about 2 years before beginning to think about expanding our family. 

And then we got pregnant. I will never forget telling my therapist that I was pregnant. She looked at me and said Congratulations? I laughed because she knew exactly to say. I think she knew that I was having reservations and not because I didn't want a child but because I was TERRIFIED. In my mind, I had a goal for my mental state before getting pregnant and to me, I hadn't met that goal. I continued to go to therapy and she helped me get through times where I thought I was failing my pregnancy and times where I thought I'd never be able to love my child because of all the pain I was in and saying "he's causing." I had fear of resentment and fear of never being able to love the way my parents loved me. 

At 34 weeks, we moved out of the state and that meant a new therapist. My therapist at the time was so sweet that she checked on me after we moved and even though I was now out-of-network. Post delivery and after my OB-GYN told me to reconsider therapy, I began my search. 

I found someone who said they specialized in postpartum depression/anxiety in women of color. I was excited and made my first appointment. After 3 sessions, I knew this wouldn't be a good fit (detailed story later to come). I didn't feel rejuvenated, refreshed, supported with my new therapist and I was very disappointed. The reality is, just like a relationship, not every person is for you or a good fit so I had to start my journey over. 

How do you find your therapist?

Finding Mental Health Professionals is not easy but it is so rewarding.



In addition, here are some places my mom friends and I have explored to find the best therapist for you, near you:

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